What is SiO Medical Performance Grade Silicone?

SiO™ is a very pure form of silicone resin that, with it's angular structure, offers greater durability, better scuffing and scratch resistance, better resistance to bleach and cleaners, and a better surface touch.

With the exception of the polyester backing SiO™ is 100% silicone

  • No adhesive. No solvents.
  • No top coat. No chemical additives.

Using SiO™ silicone allows for key performance attributes to be inherent in the material make-up exceeding ACT coated fabrics performance standards.

  • Inherent flame retardant properties.
  • Inherent resistance to microbes or bacterial growth.
  • Inherent stain and ink resistance.
  • Inherent resistance to denim dye transfer.
  • Exceptional lightfastness.
  • Excellent stretch & recovery.
  • Heat dissipating properties.
  • Resistant to diluted bleach, alcohol, and most common cleaners.
  • Resistance to mildew.
  • Resistance to moisture.
  • Hypo-allergenic properties.
  • Resistance to chemicals and oils.

Compliance Standards

  • CA Proposition 65
  • LBC Red List
  • Healthier Hospital Initiative Health Product Declaration
  • RoHS
  • CAL 1350 – voe Emissions

SiO™ silicone products offer a very soft and dry surface touch. Lower grade resin systems can feel rubbery and almost sticky proving difficult when in use in practical applications. The difference is a more luxurious look and feel, and better seating comfort.

Human Friendly. Earth Friendly.
SiO™ performance silicone is produced in a state of the art facility that is certified to a number of international environmental safety and quality standards.

  • The low energy consumption production process is completely solvent free and uses no water.
  • Free of added chemicals including flame retardants, BPA, TRIS, PFC’s or PFOA’s.
  • Free of PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead or heavy metals.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Hypo Allergenic.